Optoma Debuts £3000 Full HD Projector

Optoma has launched a rich man's projector which is aimed at the very top of the market; the HD82 is a huge 1080p behemoth capable of displaying a whopping 1920x1080 pixels natively.

With 1300 ANSi Lumens and a 20000:1 contrast ratio (entry level LCD monitors have contrast ratio as low as 300:1), this is a massive projector both in terms of performance and in size.

The HD82 comes with a trio of proprietary image technologies 'PureMotion', 'PureDetail' and 'PureColour' which use some onboard wizardry to "keep motion smooth, sharpen onscreen details and produce more lively colour".

At 8.5Kg, you will either need a coffee table or a rather expensive projector stand to get the best out of this beast. But you won't even hear the whining of its fans with a 22dB noise output (according to Optoma) while watching the gorgeous pictures being displayed with a 150 inch (381 cm) diagonal.

Connectivity-wise, it comes with two HDMI ports, component, SCART, DVI and VGA, plus there's a 1.5x optical zoom. No details as to what kind of audio IOs the HD82 comes with and the projector's lamp life in standard mode is around 3000 hours, that's roughly 2.5 years at 3 hours a day.

Optoma also claims that once installed, the projector will maintain its colour vibrancy for at least five years, assuming of course that the projector bulb is in good order.

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Our Comments

The largest commercial television is a 103-inch Plasma TV from Panasonic that sells for a whopping £38150, nearly thirteen times the price of the HD82 (ed: surely if you were to buy 13 projectors, Optoma would give you one free). We wonder though how the Optoma would fare against the gorgeous Sony VPL-VW60 available in the same price range.

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