Amazon Ready To Release Kindle 2 eReader

As Amazon seems all set to unveil the second iteration of its widely popular ebook reader, rumour merchants are hitting the blogosphere with their predictions about probable specifications of the new device.

Keeping all the rumours aside, let’s have a look at some of the necessary upgrades the new device must have, so as to stay competitive in this flourishing ebook reader domain.

Design improvements come at the top of any wish list, as the first version of the device is a bit bulkier, some notable improvement in its designs appears to be there on the cards; however, the leaked images have indicated that the company has modified the designs of the new device dramatically.

In addition to designs, USB power option, along with faster page redrawing speed and superior file handling, are some of the improvements indispensable for the success of the upcoming version of new Kindle, which would face tough competition in the likes of Sony’s ebook readers, and Apple’s iPhone and Google’s Android G1 handsets, which would start offering ebooks, thanks to Google’s new mobile version of Book Search Service.

Currently Kindle’s Whispernet EvDO feature, provided by Sprint, which offers commendable internet connectivity, its 3G cellular radio, coupled with its capability to incorporate a whopping 150,000 titles in both print and text format, make it truly class apart.

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Our Comments

The Kindle 2 could be the last of its kind if smartphone manufacturers and Google manage to launch an e-reader platform (like Google did with its new mobile book search feature). The fact that Kindle is still quite expensive coupled with the fact that books are stored in a proprietary factor means that Amazon's device could be in for a rough ride.

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