ITN Launches Free Video iPhone App

News production company ITN has released a video application for the Apple iPhone and the iPod touch which will allow news, sport and entertainment snippets to be viewed on Apple's multimedia devices for free; it can be downloaded straight from the App Store and is currently the most downloaded news application.

The application comes with a feature that allows stories to be streamed asynchronously and stored to be viewed even without online access. ITN has also included a social networking aspect as you can share ITN stories and videos with your peers.

ITN's free app has been downloaded more than 45,000 in the past 10 days (up from 20,000 in the first week) according to the Guardian and the Jemina Kiss reports that Ave Wrigley, head of new media technical strategy and development for ITN, said that "On all the platforms we've developed for, we've tended away from subscriptions to advertising-funded models. It makes commercial sense to use advertising because it is a much more easily renewable income."

A version for Google's Android Platform is apparently in the making and it is likely that most other major platforms (Blackberry, Nokia's Symbian and Microsoft Windows Mobile) will be covered sooner or later.

Wrigley is also confident that ITN will be releasing an updated version of the application with more news and the possibility of adding geo-targetted news.

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Our Comments

Nice to see mainstream news entities trying to tap into and embrace new technology. The Financial Times is already on the way to produce a site for the iPhone and the BBC was always a pioneer when it comes to new media.

Still, the current economic conditions means that some may consider cutting back on what looks to be non-core ventures to concentrate on more traditional segments. They will be the big losers.

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