Microsoft My Phone Service To Take On Apple's Mobileme

In a bid to take on Apple’s MobileMe service, Microsoft seems to be poised to launch a web-based service that will enable users to store, share, and backup information from their mobile handsets.

The new service, codenamed as “My Phone”, will offer users a place to store data, such as text messages, images, videos, and other such stuffs, along with the capability to share the data with other users, and use the service as a manner to backup all the crucial information on their mobile phones.

Details of the new service leaked out inadvertently when its website, dubbed as “”, went on air ahead of its planned debut, and it was first spotted by Engadget Mobile, which also termed the new service as SkyBox.

In addition to the storing and sharing capabilities, the new service will offer a massive 200MB free storage to its users, but any synchronization attempt that surpasses the preset limit will eventually lead to discontinue any files beyond the 200MB mark.

The new service will allow users to sync their mobile phone’s information, including contact details, calendar items, and other data, on a password protected website.

Though Microsoft’s already offers such services in the guise of its Live Mesh, which allows people to upload photos and other data on a web-page, My Phone will differ in terms of its methodology and data handling.

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Our Comments

Microsoft is finally considering a true competitor to Mobile Me. This is the first of many stages that the software giant needs to achieve successfully before being able to mount a decent challenge to the hegemony of Apple's iPhone in the smartphone market. Obviously, "My Phone" is part of a much broader push by Microsoft to get Windows Mobile on equal footing with Android, Palm and iPhone.

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