Google Debuts Sync On Mobile; Uses Microsoft Technology

Google Inc. on Monday rolled out a beta version of its signature Google Sync service for Windows powered smartphones and iPhone, a software application that syncs Google calendar items and Gmail contacts across the internet with a range of devices, such as computers and other mobile devices.

The company asserted that its new services will be akin to those the company began providing for the Blackberry device about a year ago (ed: the service is available for most phones including the iPhone, S60 phones and Windows Mobile).

The search engine giant backs its new service by saying that the information stored over the web would offer users the flexibility to access it from anywhere, and would be beneficial to those who use Google applications on a regular basis, such as corporate employees, students, and families.

Essential information related to using this new service is available on Google’s website; however, the company has warned users to create backup for the data before switching the Sync feature on.

Incidentally, Microsoft has also seemingly taken the credit of the new services from Google by saying that its licence had eventually made the new software application from Google possible.

Quoting Microsoft’s openness to the innovations in the industry, Horacio Gutierrez, VP licensing and intellectual property at Microsoft said, “This agreement is also a great example of Microsoft’s openness to generally license our patents under fair and reasonable terms so long as licensees respect Microsoft intellectual property”.

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Our Comments

Great example of collaboration between Microsoft and Google. The enemy of my enemy is my friend and as it stands, Apple's iPhone is the most potent enemy as it stands. However, it is a pity that Google has discontinued Google Browser Sync altogether, leaving Firefox users wanting. As for Google Chrome users, well, tough luck, they'll have to wait even longer.

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