Mozilla : Microsoft Nearly Eliminated Browser Rivals

It seems that Microsoft is reeling under some serious criticism from the industry over incorporating its web browser with its operating system, as Mozilla echoed European Commission’s (EC) charges over the software giant for violating competition laws.

In fresh set of accusations, Mozilla’s chief exec, Mitchell Baker has asserted that she agrees with the EC’s preliminary conclusion that Microsoft is bundling of signature web browser Internet Explorer (IE) with its Windows operating system affects the competition among web browsers, thwarts product innovation, and eventually diminishes consumers’ choice.

Upholding the Commission’s allegations, Ms Baker notified in her blog post wrote that “she had not the single smallest iota of doubt” over the Brussels’ preliminary findings, which were proclaimed last month, were spot on.

She further asserted that she would be closely following the moves of EC over the matter, and even extended a helping hand by saying, “I’d like to offer Mozilla’s expertise as a resource to the commission as it considers what an effective remedy would entail”.

Mozilla has been approved as an “interested third party status” in this case, which would allow the company to submit its arguments to the watchdog, to see the secret ‘statement of objects’ the regulator sent Microsoft a month ago, and even participate in hearing if Microsoft appeals for one.

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Our Comments

The void created by the demise of Netscape could have easily allowed Internet Explorer to permanently kill competition on the browser end and the world would have been an altogether different place. Central to Microsoft's quest for power is the fact that the company used its operating system to extend its domination.

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