Safer Internet Day Celebrated Across Europe

The end of the Safer Internet Day worldwide comes as a number of territories including India, Australia and the European Union marked the day with events and campaigns aimed at bringing home the issue of self-protection online.

Central to this year's awareness message is the launch of an anti-bullying campaign by the European Commission and manned by the INSAFE network of European Safer Internet Centres. Cyber bullying is a major issue amongst the younger generation across Europe as highlighted by the survey carried out by Microsoft.

Facts and figures were central to the marketing drive aiming at making the web a safer place, especially for young people and children. Kaspersky Labs (yes, the security firm whose website was compromised earlier this week) reports that in 2008, there were roughly 6000 cases of online child abuse reported, a 67 percent increase over the last year. Nationwide, one in every ten of us were affected by online fraud - that's roughly 6 million Britons - with each case costing £875.

(ISC)2 launched an online volunteer training program to assist information security specialist communicate more "confidently and effectively" with school children. The program developed with the help of Childnet International combines pedagogical tools with the expertise of former teachers.

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Our Comments

The fact that Google chose not to highlight this important day with a doddle could try to spread another message. Everyday should be a safer internet day. Others like Webroot chose a more proactive way and offered all online consumers a free security scan of their computers (obviously they are welcomed to do it on other days as well).

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