Twitter Could Make Businesses Pay For Their Accounts

The co-founder of Internet phenomenon, Biz Stone, has hinted that the micro-blogging company could well be charging companies which use Twitter as a way to make money.

Speaking to Marketing Magazine, Stone said that "We are noticing more companies using Twitter and individuals following them. We can identify ways to make this experience even more valuable and charge for commercial accounts".

The company has been growing at breakneck speed since it launched in 2006 and is already amongst the top 100 websites in the UK; Twitter has already received $20 million investment from Venture capitalists and attracted a $500 million offer from Facebook.

But it seems that Twitter has no plans to charge individual users - its most precious resource - although it could offer paid options like UK SMS Updates, the ability to write more than 140 words etc.

Several companies including Dell and Lovefilm have said that they will would consider paying for Twitter depending on how much is charged, what additional features are offered and the scale of demand.

Dell already said that Twitter earned it $1 million in the past year prompting the US computer maker to announce that it will offer some US deals exclusively to its followers on Twitter.

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Our Comments

Twitter may have to charge something sooner or later as it will burn cash quicker as it grows. Youtube had a successful exit strategy when it was acquired by Google. The other revenue model for Twitter could be to start putting advertisements on their pages and allow users to have a right of say as to what advertisers can be displayed or not.

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