UK Overtakes Japan When It Comes To Gaming Sales

Figures published by GfK-ChartTrack show that UK has now overtaken Japan as the second biggest games market worldwide as far as unit sales were concerned.

The data comes from a joint research venture between three market research firms: one for America, one for Japan and one for UK (that's GfK).

Japan still leads the UK when it comes to sales figures although Dorian Block, the head of GfK-ChartTrack, doesn't exclude the possibility that UK surpasses Japan later this year on this as well (ed: that will depend on the exchange rate).

For the first five weeks of 2009, the UK console market grew by 37 percent in unit sales and 27 percent in revenue numbers when compared to the same period last year.

This could mean that the bulk of the growth has been coming from the lower/budget end of the market combined with the heavy discounting being done by retailers in a bid to boost post-Christmas sales.

The US is still number one when it comes to unit sales and revenues although the population of the US of A is five times that of Britain while Japan has twice more inhabitants than in UK.

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Our Comments

A recession could actually be a good thing for the gaming industry as people prefer to stay indoors and play games, a relatively cheaper form of leisure compared with say, travelling. Gaming in UK in 2008 had a bumper year, outstripping sales of DVD and Blu Ray and it looks like 2009 could be an even better year.

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