Virgin Mobile Launches UK's Cheapest Mobile Package at £8.32 PM

Offering the cheapest mobile contract has sparked a race amongst Virgin Mobile and Three Mobile it seems; the former has launched a £8.32 package, undercutting the £9 Three contract while offering more minutes and texts.

The contract lasts only for 18 months and comes with 100 minutes any time, any network and 100 texts, free voicemail and itemised online bills; Virgin also passes on the 18p VAT saving to its customers.

Virgin has four mobile phones lined up, three of them being 5-megapixel cameras (although the KC550 and the Nokia 3120 are both out of stock for now). However, you can currently get the Samsung G600 plain and pink version on offer.

The phones come with free Windows Live messenger for six months, the possibility to access email for 30p a day, a 512MB memory cards, 50 free prints, a memory book and a collage poster (ed: obviously there's a 5-megapixel camera).

The total cost of the phones on contract is a whisker under £150. In comparison, Virgin Mobiles sells the Pay As You Go version for £95.

Link : Virgin Mobile £8.50 bundle (Virgin Mobile)