BT To Debut Phorm Before 2009 Ends

Phorm’s chief exec Kent Ertugrul has asserted that his company’s signature ISP-level behavioral advertising service will “most definitely” be rolled out by BT across its broadband network by the end of this year.

Phorm has long touted that BT would launch its adware system across its networks, but the duo haven’t had put forth any exact timeframe to unleash the service.

In an interview to the financial Dow Jones newswire, Ertugrul quoted that BT is all set to launch the service by the year’s end, and said in a statement, “We’re not able to comment on specific timings but our work with BT is the most advanced. It’ll most definitely be online by the end of the year”.

Incidentally, BT and Phorm performed the third trial of the much-hyped “WebWise” targeted advertising system in December last year.

However, responding to the Phorm’s “most definite” timeframe, BT Group’s chief press officer, Adam Liversage stated that the firm hasn’t made any commitment or statement about the exact timeframe of the launch of the service.

He went on to say that BT is still evaluating the outcomes of the trial, but it is looking forward to deploy the service as soon as possible.

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Our Comments

Given the current economic conditions, it is very likely that Virgin Media and Talktalk will follow BT shortly after. The two internet service providers have already expressed their interests in the solution and it is likely that the additional revenue generated by the advertising system will be attractive. Will there be a customer backlash? Unlikely.

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