Spotify Releases Music Streaming Service In UK

Offering a bit of relief to many music enthusiasts, audio-streaming service Spotify has finally lifted up the ‘invite only’ restrictions on its services in UK, thereby allowing all music-lovers in UK to download its software to gain access to a large number of tunes.

In a blog post, the company notified that, until now, in order to avoid any snags and make sure a great music experience for its users, it has monitored the user growth by keeping an ‘invite only’ barrier in its music services.

However, owing to a successful preliminary run, Spotify has eventually allowed music-fans to get free access to their favourite tunes.

Quoting the value of the new service in luring music-fans, the company said, “Starting today people in the UK will no longer need an invitation to join Spotify, you can register for our free service directly from our website as always our premium, ad-free service is still available”

Upholding its pledge for quality services, the company asserted that it could switch back to the invite only option, if growth on the site takes place too fast to affect the quality of the service.

When asked about the selection of UK as its first ‘invite-free’ territory, instead of the company’s native state Sweden, the company responded by saying that UK is big and “key market for us”, and the demand in Sweden is so high that it would have to compromise with the quality of the service in order to launch it for all.

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Our Comments

Great to see some proper competition to CBS's Services like spotify represent the future of music and audio services, allowing users to customise their listening experience and embracing the freemium concept to the core. It will be interesting to see whether Spotify will be able to offfer the breadth of features compared to

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