£40 MS Office XP Standard Full

Microsoft Office XP Standard is designed for users who require only the core desktop productivity tools, integrating productivity innovations throughout its programs to transform the traditional Office suite into a smarter overall work experience.

By simplifying productivity, enabling collaboration for everyone, and extending Office beyond the desktop, Office XP Standard streamlines processes and makes it easier for everyone to create and share important information.

Office XP Standard works with you. Whether you're working on your PC, company intranet or the Web, new context-sensitive smart tags pop up with the options you need - right when you need them. No digging through menus! Now tasks that once required multiple steps are just one click away. You'll use more of the software features in Office XP, to get more done in less time.

Office XP Standard Contains

Microsoft Word version 2002 (word processing)

Microsoft Excel version 2002 (spreadsheet)

Microsoft Outlook version 2002 (personal e-mail and information manager)

Microsoft PowerPoint version 2002 (presentation graphics)

New context-sensitive Smart Tags

New task panes

New Outlook condenses all your personal and professional e-mail into one central location--even Web-based e-mail

Computer Exchange sells this and many other software package. We've purchased from Computer Exchange before and though it lists the item as a second-hand product, the company doesn't sell software that has been registered before. This Office XP Standard comes with 12 months warranty.