Amazon Partners With IBM On Cloud Services

In a move aimed at beefing up its cloud computing initiatives, IBM has joined forces with Amazon to offer its various software applications, including WebSphere Portal, Lotus web content management system, Informix Dynamic Server, DB2 database and Novell’s SUSE Linux operating system software, to clients and developers through cloud computing services from Amazon.

The move would offer “pay-as-you-go” option to developers and clients to develop application using IBM’s software in Amazon’s renowned Elastic Compute Cloud, better referred to as EC2 environs, thereby offering a wide range of products on Amazon Web Services.

IBM is providing what is known as “Amazon machine images” of its various software and database applications, and independent software vendors can access these images, at a charge of 10 cents per hour access, so as to develop and assess applications designed to run on IBM’s software.

In addition IBM has also announced plans to add its Tivoli Service Management software to the Amazon cloud applications in future.

Dave Mitchell, IBM Software Group’s director for emerging business, said in a statement, “What we want to do is give our customers and third-party developers as much freedom as we can”, and asserted that the agreement with Amazon would offer new avenues for the solution providers to present advanced services for the implementation of cloud computing.

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Our Comments

Amazon's leadership in cloud services has been recognised by IBM. Amazon is mainly known as an online retailer and this recognition comes from a major business player. IBM chose not to go either with Google or Microsoft and for now, has ruled out launching its own cloud infrastructure, preferring to use a more mature, established player. Is that a long term strategy? Only time will tell.

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