Could Telepresence Kick Start Video Calling? Probably Not

With the recession deepening Gartner predicts that video telepresence could replace 2.1 million airline seats per year by 2012. Telepresence has had a chequered history producing some very strange and strained conversations.

Trying to hold a video conference with none of the pre and post amble associated with social interaction has been seen to be a problem.

A recent case of the potential pitfalls was illustrated when a Fenland councillor conferenced into a meeting from Australia creating some bad feeling.

But the accountants will want to save money and travel costs absorb a lot of it and keep people away from their colleagues and family; though some will say this gives everyone a holiday.

Pondering for a moment though, if video conferencing does become acceptable and users adjust to its constraints and foibles, could this stimulate mobile video calling?

Probably not, as even if you have remembered to smarten yourself up, the unfortunate angles the mobiles are place will do little for your personal image, or grooming habits.