Facebook and Nokia Likely To Forge Strategic Alliance

In a move aimed at sprucing up its mobile offerings, Facebook has initiated discussions with a number of mobile handset manufacturers including Nokia with whom it plans to agree upon a mechanism via which parts of its network would be embedded in some Nokia phones.

Though details of the proposed alliance are largely sketchy, analysts believe that the deal may include a deeper relationship between the world’s largest manufacturer of mobile handsets and Facebook than just mere inclusion of the network on Nokia handsets.

Nokia already integrates Facebook in some of its models and the tie-up may see it including Facebook in contacts list whereby one may be able to directly post comments on to their friend’s Facebook page by viewing their login status from their phone’s address book.

Some analysts also bring up dilemma that Nokia may face in tying up with Facebook when it can instead go ahead and form its own social networking platform.

However they also point out the fact that the brand recognition of Facebook in the social networking arena is something which Nokia will fail match in developed countries.

Incidentally Facebook already has offerings for devices like Apple’s iPhone and Research in Motion’s Blackberry handsets and a possible tie-up with Nokia is definitely going to consolidate its lead as the world’s largest social networking site.

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Our Comments

One is the biggest mobile phone manufacturer in the world and the second is the world's largest social networking website. The association of the two could well create the most formidable opponent ever to Microsoft and Google altogether. It makes us wonder in ITProPortal.com towers whether Facebook could potentially be purchased by Nokia.

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