Gmail Now Includes Location In Your Signature

It seems that Google Inc. has a new fascination for letting people know about your current location this month, the search engine giant has added new tool to its Gmail service that includes senders’ location along with their email signatures.

This comes just a week after launching its Latitude service, which helps users tracking their friends’ location using their mobile-devices.

Marco Bonechi, the author of the tool, noted on Gmail’s blog that he observed contemporary mail systems which only inform about date and time of an email, and not about the location it sent from, so he developed a system that could provide information about sender’s location.

Asserting the worth of the new tool, Bonechi went on to say, “Because I love to travel, the first question in many messages I receive is ‘where are you?’ and by the time I answer I am often somewhere else”.

In order to turn on the new feature, a user would require clicking the Labs tab in “Gmail Settings”, where they would need to enable their signatures and click the “append your location to the signature” option given under the general settings tab.

By default, Gmail finds out a user’s location by the geographical information associated with the IP address; however, in order to present more accurate location, Google also encourages its users to download Google Gears tool.

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Our Comments

That's Latitude for email. Google has managed to include your location in signatures but it still HASN'T managed to get pictures (or indeed HTML) in your signatures which would have been significantly more useful. Expect geo-localisation to become central to Google's proposal with untold consequences. Adding Latitude-like features to Google Talk for example would be great but would you like everyone to know from where you are IMing?

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