Microsoft Ends Windows 7 Beta Download Period

As per its preset schedule, Microsoft will no longer be offering any new Windows 7 Beta downloads from Tuesday, though anyone eager to try their hands on it can switch to Pirate Bay or similar sites for a copy of the new beta of the operating system.

Back on Monday, the software giant issued a late reminder that those who wanted to test the beta of its new operating system that they had run short of time to officially download the software from Microsoft’s website.

However, those who have already kicked off the downloading process but haven’t had completed the download procedure were granted a small extension, as they have to complete the download process today by 9am PST.

Though the public beta of the operating system has withdrawn on Tuesday, Microsoft’s MSDN and TechNet developers will have access to the codes of the software, the company notified.

The company on its Windows 7 download page wrote, “If your download was interrupted, you can still finish it. And, you can still register for a product key or look up the key you’ve already gotten”.

Initially, Microsoft set a restriction of 2.5 million users for the public beta, but later on offered unlimited downloads owing to the popular demand of the operating system.

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Our Comments

There are (unfounded?) rumours that Microsoft will be giving away Windows 7 to existing Windows Vista customers who have purchased the OS before January. It is likely that Windows 7 has been the most downloaded beta Windows of all time thanks to heightened expectations from users who have stuck to Windows XP.

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