Podcast : Discussing The Innards Of An Effective Unified Threat Management Device

(Note : This podcast was created before 3sp was acquired by Barracuda Networks) Lee David Painter who created SSL Explorer and Jim Libersky, vice president of sales at Barrier1 group, talk with Ben Chai from Incomingthought.com about the integration of different technologies that can be used to build a unified threat management device that protects against blended threats and zero days events.

Barrier1 uses intelligent threat management, which combines highly sophisticated multi-dimensional analysis with instantaneous reaction and defensive capabilities.

The Barrier1 is a comprehensive network security solution that is able to analyze the entire network, recognize known and even unknown threats and react to those threats instantaneously. Barrier1 is the breakthrough product that delivers the next generation of security.

You can find more about Barrier1 here and listen to the podcast here.