Yahoo Makes Search BOSS Open To Developers In Bid To Cash In

Yahoo Inc. on Tuesday announced a bunch of new capabilities and revenue structure for its signature ‘Build Your Own Search Service’, better known as “BOSS” program, which enables web developers to leverage the company’s website ranking and web-crawling results for their own websites.

In a blog post, Ashim Chhabra from Yahoo indicated towards three new capabilities, namely, Long Abstracts, SearchMonkey Access, and a couple of new services for BOSS that will link to ‘Yahoo Site Explorer’ information.

One of the most notable changes is letting developers access, through the BOSS service, to the structured information gathered by the SearchMonkey application using the Web Crawler application from Yahoo, which in turn, would help developers to monitor the appearance of search results from Yahoo’s search engine.

SearchMonkey, which was debuted in May, last year, is a vital component of Yahoo Open Strategy, which includes the notion of enabling its users to share content freely across its platform.

In addition, it will include two other features, namely, Long Abstracts, which enhances the character limit for abstracts, thereby offering more URL-level data, and Site Explorer, which enables access to page links and domain links, so as to help developers to figure out how Yahoo is indexing their websites.

Besides, Yahoo has also announced to introduce fees for using BOSS from the second quarter this year, and the new pricing model will revolve around CPM charge for the BOSS API.

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Our Comments

Yahoo has some great tools (like Site Explorer or Yahoo Pipes) and although BOSS is one of them, the launch of the service couldn't come at a worse time. Allowing developers to use BOSS's API may help Yahoo gain more friends but not necessarily bring in more revenues. Kudos though to Yahoo for trying to be opened.

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