£69.99 Hyundai BlueH H94W 19" Monitor

The BlueH H94W 19” Monitor from Hyundai is ready for the High Definition era, and features a DVI port that is HDCP compliant which makes it ideal for Windows Vista users.

An incredible response time of 5ms ensures that the images produced by the H94W Monitor are of top quality, even across fast paced applications and intense gaming.

Even the most demanding user will find the Hyundai H94W 19” Monitor delivers outstanding picture quality, and that it is equally well suited to surfing the web, composing documents, powerful gaming, watching movies, and much more.

The screen has a better than average 800:1 contrast ratio, can display 1440x900 pixels and consumes les than 45w. It also has a VGA and a DVI port and weighs under 3.8Kg

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