Google Culls Broadcast Radio Advertising Programme

Google Inc. on Thursday announced that it is pulling out from the broadcast radio advertising domain by the end of May this year, a move that could result in as many as 40 job losses.

The move comes as the search engine giant scraps a two-year-old program devised to put the company’s online capabilities to work selling spaces on magazines and newspaper pages.

Upholding the company’s exit from the broadcast radio domain, Google’s VP for product management, Susan Wojcicki wrote in a blog post, “While we’ve devoted substantial resources to developing these products and learned a lot along the way, we haven't had the impact we hoped for”.

However, Wojcicki asserted that the 40 workers in its broadcast radio advertisng arm will be moved to other profiles within the company.

Google is looking forward to put its Radio Automation business on sale, and planning to end its Audio Ads and Adsense for Audio services by the end of May this year.

The move to discontinue the service will lead to what appears to be first lay-offs in the company’s history to be triggered by halting its services, and indicate an end to Google’s decade long run for rapid expansion.

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Our Comments

Fun times are over and the recession seems to be working wonders on Google. The company is quickly refocusing on its fundamentals and is certainly going to benefit from the shift from traditional media to new media as companies review their advertising budgets down, concentrating on return on investment. Expect Google to shift gears soon with a slew of other products and services.

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