New Windows 7 Beta Leaked On Bit-torrent

A new version of Windows 7, Build 7022, has appeared on a few file sharing websites, a couple of days after Microsoft officially ended the beta download period.

The new build, which comes one month after the previous build 7000 - the official Beta version - has some minor user interface tweaks with no major updates or features added.

There are claims that Paint has been updated, search in the start menu is faster and generally (and as expected) stability is better.

Build 7022 is available as a 32-bit ISO disk image date-stamped January 15 and includes Internet Explorer 8 RC1; at the time of writing, there were more than 1500 seeders and 4500 leechers, trying to get hold of the 2.47GB file.

Very early reviews by XTReview found that the new Windows 7 is on par with Windows 7 Beta and significantly faster than XP and Vista SP1.

As a reminder, all beta versions of Windows 7 are set to expire on the 31st of July 2009; the latest Windows 7, available to Microsoft employees, is build 7034.

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Our Comments

Windows 7 is slowly but surely becoming a more mature operating system. The latest beta show that there's not much to be changed or altered, at least as far as the front end is concerned. Millions of beta testers worldwide pushing the operating system to its limits means that Windows 7 could become Microsoft's best ever.

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