Vexia Debuts World's First "Econav" GPS

Spanish company Vexia has realeased a Satellite Navigation System or Satnav that claims to help people save money and the environment; it minimizes the fuel consumption considerably by narrating the most economical way to drive.

In addition, the device has also been claimed to be ecologically friendly that abates carbon emissions of vehicles, as motorists just need to enter vehicle type, number of passengers, and fuel type into the device, and it suggests the best way in terms of carbon footprints and fuel preservation.

Purported to be “the first ecological GPS in the world”, econav is said to reduce a user’s carbon productions by up to 30 percent, and recoup its cost within the initial six months of use.

In addition, on the basis of the data that is fed into the device relating to vehicle’s engine dynamics, econav suggests the most suitable gear to use, and it’s “Accelerator Pedal Indicator” shows that whether you are using accelerator pedal appropriately or not, owing to a software which tells the proper acceleration of the vehicle and speed of the road.

All set to hit the floor next month, the device will be available in a couple of models, namely, 350 model with 3.5-inch display, and 430 model with 4.3-inch display.

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Our Comments

All Satnavs should be designed to save money and cut carbon emissions. That said, some will argue that they only want to reach their destination as soon as possible which very often, disregards fuel consumptions. Vexia has yet to announce the price and availability of its GPS. A feature that it is currently lacking though is the ability to look for the cheapest petrol stations

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