Windows 7 Could Be Released In Time For Christmas?

Various concording sources around the internet point to the release of Windows 7 just in time for Christmas 2009 as Microsoft uses the crucial holiday period to boost sales and give Windows 7 a winning start.

The Inquirer, Cnet and Computerworld are all reporting that an early release of Windows 7 is already planned by Microsoft.

The company has apparently informed some of its employees - through an internal memo - and some of its partners of its decision to go ahead with the launch earlier than expected.

Officially, Vista's successor will be released in January 2010 but great feedback and reviews as well as the prevailing economic conditions could convince Microsoft to act quicker.

Part of the launch plan could include giving Windows 7 for free when you buy Windows Vista after the 1st of July 2009 and until January 2010, as part of the "Windows 7 Upgrade Program", something that Microsoft has altogether not confirmed till now.

Currently, only businesses and OEMs have access to a Vista downgrade version which allows them to downgrade from Vista to Windows XP Professional.

W7UP will reportedly apply to Windows 7 Home Premium as well, an upgrade from Windows Vista Home Premium.

Microsoft extended the "switch off" deadline for Windows XP until the 31st July 2009. Any Windows 7 upgrade is unlikely to apply to Windows XP Professional though.

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Our Comments

An early launch of Windows 7 could potentially give a welcomed boost to the whole tech industry since it will spark a new upgrade cycle (even if Windows 7 is less demanding than Vista). The upgrade programme as well is a well thought plan since it allows Microsoft to sell Windows licenses regardless of whether they are Vista or Windows 7.

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