Microsoft Previews Recite Note Taking Technology

With Microsoft's launch of Windows Mobile 6.5 platform likely to become the pick of the events at this year's Mobile World Congress, the software giant is also likely to use the expo as an opportunity to unveil the "technology preview" of its signature Recite application, a user-friendly note application for Windows Mobile 6.0 and above.

Recite is a software application that enables users to record small voice clips of some of the apparently random day-to-day notes, and then find out those notes by simply speaking back to the software afterwards.

The new application uses "voice pattern matching", which is unlike the speech recognition technology doesn't convert speech into text, but it analyzes pattern in the spoken words to figure out the matches.

The application reportedly allows its users to store "thousands of spoken notes", but certainly this owes to the space available in a user's mobile phone.

Though the new software application seems to have immense potential, but a simple technology preview, not even a beta, simply indicates that it is still in its developmental stage.

Having established the voice capabilities in its operating systems, it is now interesting to see whether the software behemoth can reproduce the success of voice technology over the mobile platform.

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Our Comments

Interesting technology from Microsoft in its attempt to master speech technology. You might remember that Windows Vista included native text to speech technology and it is only normal that Windows Mobile 6.5 will include such a technology. It is highly likely that Windows 7 will also include some sort of text to speech technology.

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