Mobile Companies To Sell Mobile Traffic Data

Mobile advertising seems all set for a remarkable boost, as the mobile industry association, better known as GSM Association (GSMA), announced its intention to sell mobile traffic data to commercial parties by the second half of this year after getting over with the study into mobile audience measurement systems.

The GSMA, which includes some of the UK’s telecom heavyweights, such as Vodafone, Orange, 3, T-Mobile International, and Telefonica, has eventually agreed to roll out the system, which some in the industry even say as “an abce of mobile”.

The association will make a variety of data, such as demographic info at some of the key websites, and patterns of daily usage, commercially available, as it will presumably bolster the mobile advertising domain substantially.

The study has come up with a gauging process for mobile browsing that takes care of mobile users’ privacy and offers planning data for advertising and other media agencies.

In addition, the study revealed that the websites operated by mobile phone networks continue to dominate the mobile web space, as 68 percent of users in UK frequently visit operators’ portals.

Commenting upon the value of the move, Rob Conway, GSMA’s chief exec said in a statement, “Access to transparent measurement is essential in establishing mobile as a legitimate advertising medium. This programme will help take the guesswork out of mobile for brands, publishers and agencies”.

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Our Comments

This is not Phorm but is certainly not (that) far from it. Unlike the former, whatever the GSMA will be proposing will be more akin to Google trends or an electronic ABC directory rather than trying to track individual customers. Getting more accurate data is one of the reasons why this scheme is being implemented and as long as it helps keep prices low, then why not?

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