Adobe Unleashes Flash For Smartphones

Adobe will be rolling out a full-fledged version of its signature Flash technology for smartphones by the year 2010, the company announced at the Mobile World Congress yesterday.

The firm is working on its Flash Player 10 application for smartphones, which intends to bring a fully developed iteration of Flash for the mobile space, thereby enabling developers to come up with advanced applications for mobile handsets.

Flash 10 for high-end mobile phones support a range of handsets including Windows Mobile platform from Microsoft, Google’s Android, and Nokia Symbian platform, and is all set for a release sometime in next year, noted Zeke Koch, Adobe’s director for platform strategy and product management.

Quoting the importance of the move, Koch said in a statement, “We realised that, with smartphones, people want to browse the whole of the internet, so they need every feature in the full desktop Flash Player”.

However, a full-fledged version for the blockbuster iPhone hasn’t been announced yet, as the company may be planning for an exclusive Flash version for the device.

Meanwhile, Adobe has also announced a £7 million fund partnership with the mobile phone giant Nokia intended to encourage developers to design applications and services for the mobile handsets, desktop devices, and range of consumer devices, like set-top boxes.

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Our Comments

Having Flash as a mobile tool is an essential part of the feature list of any modern smartphone. It is therefore not a surprise to see that having Flash on the iPhone ranks amongst the most requested additions to Apple's iconic smartphone. The new Adobe/Nokia partnership will also open new and interesting prospects.

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