Army Bans Soldiers From Using Facebook and MySpace

According to a new ruling, British soldiers have been directed to stop using social networking platforms, such as Facebook and MySpace, in a bid to secure crucial information against any sort of inadvertent leak, The Sun reported.

As per the reports from the newspaper, sharing information across the web by any means, including social networking, online discussion forums, playing online games and blogging, have been quoted under “public disclosure of information”.

The move said to be resulted from an order leaked to the newspaper, titled “Contact With The Media and Communicating in Public”, issued on 4th February.

The report further notified that the decision has been met with resentment by the troops, who claimed that they use these platforms to keep in touch with family and friends back home.

An NCO in Afghanistan asserted in The Sun, “The fun police have taken over. I can’t talk to my wife and kids or even play Call of Duty 5. Do they really think we're going to give away secrets?”

Another soldier quoted the order as the “most offensive thing he ever heard”, and asserted that soldiers have been treated like children, in spite of the fact they are ready to die for nation’s security.

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Our Comments

The danger is real. Soldiers could unwittingly compromise operations by falling prey to social engineering techniques by spoofing the identity of a relative for example. They could also transmit photos of their location which could give the enemy vital information that can be used on a combat field.

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