Carole Bower – Measuring the Success of an eLearning Course

With the massive economic disaster that has hit the UK, companies are looking at how they can minimise expenditure in all areas of their operations including in training. However to get rid of or reduce training will cause a skills shortage especially when companies are now relying on fewer people to do more. One area that companies have been investigating as an additional learning strategy is the use of eLearning. Over the last decade eLearning has slowly but surely being growing in success as the experience of eLearning suppliers has increased so that today the quality of eLearning materials and its implementation is vastly different from its early days.

However it is still true that done incorrectly, eLearning can not only be ineffective but over-expensive and a drain on resources. In part 2 of his podcast with Carole Bower (Edvantage), Ben Chai, editor of Learning Technologies magazine discusses when to outsource and when to create an eLearning Course in-house and how to measure the success of an eLearning course.

You can download this podcast by right clicking on this link and saving the appropriate file on your computer