Facebook Responds To User Generated Data Concerns

Responding to a swell of doubts triggered from the changes Facebook brought in its terms and conditions for using the platform, the website’s chief executive stepped up to clarify the muddle.

Users of the website will be the ones who will have control and will own their information present on the website.

The issue sparked when a blog entry from a consumer highlighted the legal language used in the modified terms and conditions that reportedly quoted that the website would retain a user’s information even after the account get deleted.

In addition, the changed policies even reportedly removed the clause that allows users to delete the content from the website anytime as per their wish.

Facebook’s chief exec, Mark Zuckerberg, notified through a blog post on Monday that the philosophy that members own their information, and even control who they like to share it with has remained untouched.

However, in spite of the complaints, he didn’t point out towards any sort of revision of the language used in the modified terms and conditions used in the website.

The modifications were mostly going unobserved until the consumer rights blog The Consumerist interpreted the new policies to imply that “anything you upload to Facebook can be used by Facebook in any way they deem fit, forever, no matter what you do later”.

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Our Comments

Facebook could have opened a Pandora Box by changing its terms and conditions. This reminds us of a similar ruckus that hit the web back in April 2008 when Adobe changed their terms and conditions saying that customers of its popular Photoshop.com website grant the company worldwide royalty free access to their content. Facebook's move though is more complex since it will have an overarching impact on more than 150 million users worldwide.

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