Nokia and Qualcomm To Collaborate on New Handsets

Keeping their long acrimony at bay, Nokia and Qualcomm have announced to collaboratively develop a range of mobile devices initially for the markets of North America, the companies announced at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

The duo mentioned their plans to develop a range of UMTS devices based on Nokia owned S60 platform and employ Mobile Station Modem MSM7xxx-series and MSM8xxx-series chipsets from Qualcomm.

The companies have notified that first such collaboratively developed handset is expected to be available somewhere in mid-2010, and the device will support all the upcoming versions of the Symbian Foundation platform.

Asserting the significance of new partnership between the two companies, Qualcomm’s executive VP, Steve Mollenkopf, said in a statement, “Nokia and Qualcomm are leaders in advanced wireless technologies, and this new level of cooperation would bring exceptional leaps in mobile performance to people around the world”.

The partnership would offer win-win situation for both the companies; while the deal would enhance Qualcomm’s access to the smartphone domain, it would help Nokia to bring down production costs for its devices.

This is the first time when Nokia will be using Qualcomm’s chipsets in its range of 3G handsets, as the two companies previously have had disputes over a number of issues, including royalty payments and intellectual property rights.

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Our Comments

Nokia is the world's largest mobile phone manufacturer and not befriending it could have a serious impact on business overall. The companies have collaborated on several projects before, notably a few years ago to produce UMTS mobile phones. So they know each other and in the current economic conditions, they could be very helpful to each other.

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