Skype Software To Ship With Nokia Mobile Phones

Finnish manufacturer Nokia, has announced that it will be shipping some of its mobile phones with Ebay's Voice over IP software, Skype, starting from later this year.

Skype has more than 405 million Skype accounts worldwide and Nokia sees the integration of Skype with the NSeries as a huge step forward to "bring converged Internet experiences from the desktop".

The main issue though concerns the reception that this news is likely to get from mobile phone networks.

Chances are that they will not change their stance over VoIP since the latter essentially eats away their fat margins on international calls and could clog their data networks.

The Nokia N97 smartphone will be the first with the software pre-loaded although you can already download Skype for mobile and install it manually on your Nokia mobile phone if necessary.

According to several sources, Skype will be directly integrated into the contacts feature and provide an experience as sleek and intuitive as the one on the S2 Skypephone.

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Our Comments

Three has actually been with Skype for quite some time and has seen its average revenue rise by a not-so-insignificant 20 percent. This is partly due to the fat that customers remain more loyal, thereby reducing customer churn. Skype has more accounts than Facebook and Myspace put together and it would make perfect sense if Skype could morph into a social network.

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