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SMS listener channel for Gabz FM radio station

Gabz FM, a radio station in Botswana, is another example of how the media and entertainment business, particularly in emerging markets, embraces mobile messaging as a premier tool to add more interactivity to radio and TV.

Whilst Botswana has full access to the internet, it is the GSM mobile phone that has brought communication to the wider population.

By utilizing SMS Gabz FM has encouraged greater interaction between the audience and the DJ’s, for example to allow the listener to make music requests, send greetings and enter competitions using their mobile phones.

Gabz FM has for instance set up a ‘Listeners SMS Line’ for the audience to interact with DJ’s by texting a shortcode.

Using a professional software package ensures the messages are displayed on screens inside the broadcasting studio within seconds, thus providing a fully interactive experience for loyal fans of the station.

As Gabz FM is also running competitions and marketing campaigns for external companies, the new SMS channel has also proved to be a source of revenues for the station, providing an even more direct return on investment.

You can read more about Gabz FM here.