Symbian Foundation is having a good MWC

After a torturous 2008, Symbian have recaptured some of the tech high ground, but not through Nokia. With a new breezy image and some killer graphics, SF is on a real uptick at MWC.

Unfortunately although Nokia announced some solid evolutionary handsets, there has been little to impress from SF’s temporary owner, even the launch of Nokia’s first 8MPx camera N86 seems to have been a bit flat.

Their competitors though are having a fine old time. S60 powered handsets such as Samsung’s i8910 and Sony Ericsson’s Idou have trounced the Nokia newbies.

From screen acreage, to cameras, Xenon flash, capacitive screen technology, Nokia’s competitors have thrown down a substantial gauntlet.

Under its temporary ownership, Nokia will have absorbed some of Symbian’s creative employees so perhaps we can expect something special in the UI department later this year, or not.