£11.49 Toshiba 5.1 Audio & USB 2.0 LAN Hub

This Toshiba multimedia center combines a high quality external 5.1 sound card and 4 port USB 2.0 with Ethernet LAN for great notebook connectivity at a bargain price and can obviously be used on any desktops or laptop.

It combines an external 5.1 sound card and USB 2.0 hub with LAN connection adding virtual 5.1 surround sound for your notebook at 24 Bit audio quality.

There's a a Port USB 2.0 hub with Ethernet LAN port for broadband connections, Digital out (SPDIF), headphone, mic in and line in ports and it includes analog signal out for rear, front & centre sub speakers.

The Hub is supplied with manual, software and IR remote control but please note: Vista drivers not supplied.

You can buy this device for only £11.49 from Morgan computers and you can find similar deals by going to our ITProPortal.com store.