£32 32GB CN Memory USB Drive

This USB stick has a massive 32GB worth of storage. Bearing in mind a lot of entry level spec laptops only have 80GB it shows just how advanced this product is.

It can hold the equivalent of 13056 pictures (dependent on megapixel) or up to 512 hours of music.

It is also USB 2.0 which allows much higher speeds than the previous 1.1. Finally this product comes with a 5 year warranty for peace of mind.

At £1 per GB it is hard to beat and coming from a supermarket like Asda, this is quite a feat.

Fast USB2.0 interface and a slim METAL casing means this is one fast, capacious and sleek storage device. There is only one (small) gripe, it is a bit easy to misplace the 'clear' dustcap.

You can buy this USB memory stock for only £32 from Asda Direct and you can find similar deals by going to our ITProPortal.com store.