Facebook Listens To User Outcry, Backtracks On Copyright Changes

Social Networking Website Facebook has caved in to the demands of its users and removed the controversial amendments it made to its terms and conditions of services following the thousands of complaints it received.

The website has drawn some stern criticism over its changed terms of services yesterday, which would allegedly grant the website right to use the content posted by the members of the website forever, even if the members delete their accounts.

Users were concerned that the new policies would give Facebook an unending right over their content, including images, messages, and other such stuff to sell it to advertisers.

Facebook has eventually gone back to its previous terms of services, which says that “You may remove your user content from the site at any time. If you choose to remove your user content, the license granted above will automatically expire”; however, the previous terms also quoted that the company may retain the archived copies of users’ content.

Incidentally, the website changed its term of services that reportedly allowed website to retain copy of users content even after the users delete their accounts, and the change went unnoticed a consumer advocacy blog The Consumerist highlighted it, which triggered privacy fears among its million of users.

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Our Comments

Was Facebook testing waters? Otherwise why would they have tried to implement such a dumb change. After all, even if people are willing to share details and photos with the rest of the world, they still want to be in control. And Facebook's latest privacy policy change wanted to change all of that. Facebook needs to be very careful where it is treading and needs to seek the balance between the commercial pressure and the respect it owes to its users.

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