Follow us on Twitter and Get A Free BOSS DVD, in collaboration with with Podcastvoices, are giving away BOSS (Best of Open Source Software) DVDs containing some of the best open source applications currently available.

That's 4.7GB of top notch applications for your business and your personal use. Unlike Digital Distributions which require a broadband line and at least 5GB of free disk space, you can use the DVD straight away and share it with your friends.

Readers who will subscribe to its Twitter feed ( before the 31st of March 2009 or until stocks dry up as this offer is limited to the first 300 subscribers who reside in the United Kingdom.

How to proceed? Simple, just send us an email to with your personal details (name and address). The DVDs will be sent at the end of each fortnight, give us a headsup if you haven't received yours.

Feel Free to make copies and distribute the DVD around. The usual terms and conditions and disclaimers apply. We have scanned the software for potential malware but we can't be held liable for any issues arising if you install any of the applications provided. As such, there is no warranty.

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The DVDs will contain the latest versions of the following : (portable, unreleased and premium versions), Scribus, Mozilla Thunderbird, Oxygen Office Professional, The complete Open Clipart Library, Clamwin, Miro, Firefox, RSS Owl, Pidgin, Videolan, Audacity, Gimp,, Filezilla, Inkscape, Blender and many more.