Mobile Broadband Growth Stunted By Lack Of Spectrum

The GSM Association (GSMA) is now using the Mobile World Congress Expo to present its case for allocation of extra spectrum for mobile broadband, which the association claims could assist the global economy to battle out the credit crunch in an effective manner.

Rob Conway, GSMA chief exec, has described the mobile technology as the saviour for plummeting world economy, and highlighted the fact that even though some of the big industries are looking forward to government handouts, telecom industry, is showing some growth.

The conventional way of dealing with recession is to invest in building infrastructure, including railways and roads, but Conway asserted that any upgrade in the infrastructure telecom industry could immensely help in striking a way out to cope with ongoing credit crunch.

Incidentally Conway along with chief execs of a number of mobile firms have called for 100MHz from the “digital dividend” of 400MHz, to be offered for mobile broadband.

In addition, the association also urged the governments to assume collaborative approach towards the spectrum that would let the same devices to be effectively utilised in different countries.

Upholding GSMA’s call for additional spectrum, Emeka Obiodu, senior analyst with Ovum, said in a statement, “Additional spectrum is not a luxury but an absolute necessity for future growth”.

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Our Comments

It is quite interesting to see that the OFCOM is also trying to shakeup Spectrum allcoation in the UK. Stephen Carter, the Communications Minister, is trying to get mobile network operators to give up the 900MHz band to kickstart the roll out of a wireless broadband network across UK.

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