Apple Mac Mini 2009 To Sport 5 USB Ports?

A photo of Apple's refreshed entry level PC, the Mac Mini has, appeared on the Macrumors Forum showing the backside of the computer and has already confounded many observers.

The image, posted originally by "Montly" on the popular Mac forum, shows five USB ports, a mini DVI port and a mini Displayport connection, a Firewire, as well as an Ethernet port. There's no HDMI though.

There are also rumours that the next generation Mac Mini will come with a 2GHz Core 2 Duo CPU with 3MB L2 Cache (ed: that could well be the Penryn-3M based Core 2 Duo P7350 which has a TDP of only 25w), 2GB RAM, a 160GB SATA drive, a Slot In DVD Writer and powered by a Nvidia 9400 chipset.

Tallest Skil, which has compiled related information on the future Mac Mini, says that there could be another model with a beefier 2.4GHz CPU and 4GB RAM while Solid State Drives are not excluded as well.

The Macmini should also come with AirPort Extreme, Apple Remote control, Mac OS X Leopard, Bluetooth 2.1 EDR and should still be on sale for around £400 for the cheaper version compared to £500 for the more expensive one.

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Our Comments

The Mac Mini Range is well due a refresh and Apple will be keen not to overprice the entry level model at at time where people are struggling with mortgages and debt. It will be particularly interesting to watch out how Apple manages with its lawsuit against Psystar, since the latter could well undercut the Mac Mini with a cheaper model.

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