Cisco and Trend Micro Collaborate Over Wireless Router Security

Web Security firm Trend Micro and Networking giant Cisco have announced that they would collaborate to improve the security of the Cisco's Linksys range of Wireless routers.

The package is not free though and costs £49.95 per annum; but it includes four licenses for Trend Micro's own Antivirus and Spyware (ed: that's less than £12.50 for the pair)

The deal means that as it is currently the case with most new computers, Linksys models will now come with Trend Micro's Home Network Defender security application built in.

This is particularly useful since new devices connecting to the router won't need to carry additional security features or additional expensive online security software.

According to Trend Micro, the Home Network Defender has the usual set of security features found on most other rival suites: parental control, antivirus, user reporting capability and the ability to eliminate web threats.

New Cisco Wireless-N routers such as the WRT310N and WRT610N will be equipped with Trend Micro's solution natively while other existing routers will need a new firmware flashed.

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Our Comments

It is unknown whether or how HND will upgrade itself or whether it protects from outbound rogue malware as well; it would be interesting to see if using it concurrently with other security applications causes any decrease in performance.

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