Palm's building momentum

As expected, Palm is demonstrating the UMTS version of their Pre smartphone at MWC.

Built for the world outside of CDMA, UMTS is almost everywhere these days, Vodafone (their UK carrier of choice) may be launching the Pre sometime in the second half of the year.

So to get the developers writing apps in time for Pre's launch, O'Reilly publishers are launching a developer's guide. The first chapter is already on-line via Palm's developer web site ( so that should kick start some interest from dissatisfied Android developers.

BBC's interview with Palm's CEO Ed Colligan demonstrates a passion for the company that has broken with the past to design the Pre. Palm has an immense history in this market and in it's slimmed down form has found the energy to surpass the iPhone at every functional level.

Now that the Pre will also support Flash, it seems that Palm will be soon be the internet anywhere company especially after Apple's disappointing start to the year.