Mobile Phone Users Could Take Networks To Court Over Bad Reception

An irate Orange customer was awarded £500 after he successfully convinced a Brentford county court that his mobile phone provider failed to deliver a reasonable quality of service.

Tom Prescott, 32, purchased a 18-month contract from the France-Telecom owned company only to find out that he could neither receive or make calls around his home.

He subsequently tried to cancel the contract only to be told that he couldn't. The court ruling eventually allowed him to rescind the agreement he had with Orange.

He told the Evening Standard that "It has taken me three months in court to get it cancelled. I felt bullied by the company, and dealing with Orange was awful. I hope people who have the same problem now realise they can do something about it."

A spokesperson for Orange said that "Continuous network coverage cannot be guaranteed and network coverage can be affected by factors outside of our control". The network operator also added that it covers 99 percent of the UK.

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Our Comments

This landmark ruling could have a significant impact on the way business is done in the mobile segment in the UK. This could potentially turn out to be a big PR disaster for Orange if they don't resolve their network issues. It is likely that the OFCOM could potentially step in and ask for some sort of voluntary code to be drafted, similar to the one in the broadband sector which gives more freedom to customers.

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