Windows 7 Users To Receive Dummy Updates

Microsoft has announced that it will be sending out a series of test updates to Windows 7 Beta (build 7000) users to check whether the delivery system actually works (ed: that's what beta testers are meant for).

Brandon LeBlanc, Windows Communications Manager on the Windows Client Communications Team , wrote on the Windows blog that Microsoft will be sending up to 5 test updates "to test and verify our ability to deliver and manage the updating of Windows 7".

The "updates", which should start being rolled out on the 24th of February, will simply overwrite existing system files with the same duplicates and users have been told that they will have to do the process manually.

Users will be able either to update or just hide and ignore the files should they want to. It would be interesting to find out whether this announcement doesn't trigger a new wave of "fake" Microsoft Windows 7 updates.

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Our Comments

Microsoft has already announced that it would not be releasing any new Beta versions of Windows 7 and move directly to a release candidate. This means that Microsoft will almost certainly release Windows 7 this year although it has declined to come up with a definitive date in order not to kill Vista sales.

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