Eco Mobile Charger Claims 90 Percent Power Savings

Carphone Warehouse has started selling a environment friendly mobile phone charger that claims to be at least 90 percent more efficient than current phone chargers and could possibly pay for itself within a few years.

According to Carphone Warehouse, the charger, which has been developed by Kondor, shuts itself down when it has charged the mobile phone or when the phone is disconnected.

This means that the power lost when on idle is minimal and by one estimate could save the UK approximately 217 million kWh each year if we all used the charger which the CW's PR department reckon is equivalent to the energy used by 66,000 households (ed: that's probably worth £66 million).

At £23, it is not cheap but then it could replace several chargers in one swoop. The Eco charger will be available across Carphone Warehouse's 820 stores from the 3rd of March and customers will be able to get £10 off when they buy a new handset (or land a new phone contract).

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Our Comments

It would probably be cheaper to remember switching off the socket when you have charged your mobile phone. The announcement comes a few days after the GSM Association said that it will be working on a universal mobile phone charger that would help reduce waste by adopting microUSB as the connector. Now combining the two would bring the best of both worlds.

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