Survey : Most iPhone Users Stop Using Free Apple Apps After First Day

Apps Analytics company Pinch media has released interesting data figures showing that the majority of people using free iPhone applications downloaded from the App store stop using it after the first 24 hours.

Pinch Media collated and crunched data obtained from 30 million downloads of a "few hundred applications" before presenting the results of the poll at a New York iPhone Developers Meetup. Apple App Store has more than 15,000 apps which have, altogether, been downloaded more than 500 million times.

Only one in five of every free application downloaded are used the following day and only a third actually used iPhone applications (paid or free) within 24 hours of their purchases.

After three weeks, that percentage drops to less than 5 percent and the long term audience accounts for only one in every 100 downloads.

The Pinch Media survey highlights the fact that sports related applications are good to keep users attention for the short term while games are ideal for long term attention grabbing.

It found out that free applications are run on average 6.6. times more than paid applications; which is paradoxical given the fact that users will be under-utilising something they paid for.

The report casts an interesting light on the future of Apple apps since it means that free applications may lose their initial appeal faster than paid for applications (ed: which kind of make sense). It could also have an impact on the adoption of advertising as a revenue-generating scheme for free applications.

Pinch Media suggests that a tiny fraction - less than 5 percent of applications - could survive on advertising and with advertising rates so low, it would probably be more savvy to make users pay.

Another significant finding of the report was price sensitivity with the sales of applications more than doubled on average after a price cut, while the opposite decreased downloads by a third while getting in the top 100 downloads would boost your number of downloads by 2.3x.

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Our Comments

It does make sense that free applications are often forgotten because there's no financial penalties for downloading the trying the applications. It should not come as a surprise therefore that the fittest (and most useful) free applications that survive are quite addictive. Pinch Media's analytics also sheds light on the fact that Apple's platform is a huge analytics machine, more than Microsoft's Windows ever was. And no one is complaining about it.

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