After Gateway : 5 Defunct Tech Brands We'd Like To Bring Back

Acer's purchase of Gateway last year meant that a brand, which was once the almighty competitor to Austin-based Dell, had a second lease of life.

So we took a stroll down memory lane and tried to found out what famous computer brands would be worth saving (or at least resurrected).

(1) Evesham

The company folded last year after going into administration and the brand disappeared with it. is now offline with no possible comeback it seems. Evesham claimed to be the first UK company to offer a sub £300 computer on the market, an IBM XT-compatible Olivetti PC1.

It also had a good run with a number of great products like the e-box Media Center 2005 PC or the e-Box 3. Nostalgics will remember that Evesham adverts used to appear on a dozen pages across a slew of UK computer magazines every month.

(2) Timecomputers

Timecomputers is like Marmite. You either love it or hate it. The company's founder, Tahir Mohsan, tried to save Evesham with a $22 million rescue package. Timecomputers is not officially dead or defunct but then its website hasn't been updated for quite some time and still shows an Athlon X2 5200+ as a Power PC available for a whopping £819.

Those old enough to remember what 600-pages PC Direct Magazines were like will surely fondly recall the time when Granville Technology Group bought the back covers month after month to sell computers bundled with huge OEM software bundles (ed: remember Mavis Beacon days). We've also noticed that the website of Tiny Computers which was acquired by Timecomputers is also dead.

(3) Dec or Digital Equipment Corporation

Bring back Ubercool DEC. This huge tech company was acquired by Compaq back in June 2008, which itself was subsequently acquired by HP in 2002. The firm had more than 140,000 companies at its apogee. It is highly unlikely that Digital, as it is commonly known, ever makes a comeback. It has had a major impact on various segments of computing.

Digital produced the first true 64-bit processor, the Alpha AXP, which trounced everything on the market at that time. They collaborated with ARM to launch the popular StrongARM range of processors . It invented the Digital Linear Tape (DLT), now superseded by LTO, sponsored the XWindow System found on Unix system, came up with the idea of Clustering and the first hard-disk based MP3 player. Oh and it also launched, a popular alternative search engine.

(4) Carrera SSC Technology

Carrera SSC went bust in 2005 and was a niche computer maker specialised in high end computers. A regular advertiser in many UK computer magazines, its Italian-sounding name did not save it from administration after it failed to compete with the likes of Dell and Mesh computers in terms of quality, price and after sales services.

Other companies like Watford Electronics and Scan diversified their core offerings and start selling components and parts on top of computers. This, we believe, is that helped them save their businesses.

(5) Simply Computers

Technically, the Simply computers brand is not per se dead. A branch of US tech giant Systemax, it was closed down in January 2005 and has been folded into online store The domain name however goes to another online store, Misco and Systemax no longer build computers and instead resell other brands. Simply computers back in the day of yore had a friendly, family oriented halo. Again a popular, tech magazine advertiser that we would like to bring back.