BenQ's All in One nScreen PCs To Rival Apple's iMac

Taiwanese hardware manufacturer BenQ has released two all in one PCs, the nScreen i91 and i221, that promise to be quite different from other similar computers from rivals like MSI and Asus and squarely aim at Apple's iMac.

Both computers will be powered by the AMD Sempron 210U CPU which was unveiled last month and is a 1.5GHz model with 256KB L2 cache geared at the embedded market.

It is likely to be paired with AMD's M690E chipset (with a Radeon X1200 module) as part of the chip maker's Yukon platform and is clearly aimed at Intel's Atom platform.

The i91 will come with a widescreen 18.5-inch HD with a webcam, 1GB DDR2 memory and a 160GB hard disk drive and will cost only £360, a fraction of Apple's iMac.

The i91 is only a 720p model though capable of showing 1366x768 pixels and will consume less than 30w on average.

The i221 in contrast will sport a larger 21.5-inch LCD monitor, probably with 1680x1050 screen resolution. Both models will come with a radio-like knob on the lower end of the screen frame, a 4-in-1 card reader, Windows XP Home OS and WiFi as standard.

The products will be released in Taiwan, Japan and Australia starting next month. BenQ has yet to announce any plans with regards to other territories and failed to mention whether the nScreen will come with a TV tuner.

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Our Comments

BenQ, which was once part of mighty Acer, is not planning to sell 12-inch netbooks and LCD television larger than 42-inches as well. What we really need to get is a 32-inch LCD screen with an inbuilt PC complete with slot in DVD (Bluray) writer and a Keysonic-type wireless keyboard, all for under £500. That shouldn't be a problem since a 32-inch TV can be had for less than £250.

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