Dell To Launch Inspiron Mini 10 Netbook

Dell look to complement its popular range of Netbooks with an "in-betweener", the Inspiron Mini 10, that comes with a price tag of £300 and could actually be a better netbook than Dell's other model.

The Inspiron Mini 10 aims to strike the perfect balance between functionality, pricing and size. It comes with a 10.1-inch LCD screen capable of displaying 1024x576 pixels, not as good as we would have expected but still plenty of pixels to play around.

It is powered by an Atom CPU, 1GB RAM, up to 160GB hard disk space and comes with a -cell battery, webcam, WiFi, Bluetooth and a card reader. Dell has also thrown in a HDMI connector, Windows XP SP3 and Intel's own GMA500 graphics solution.

At 1.3Kg, it is not as heavy as the Mini 12 but still manages to get an almost full size keyboard that's only 8 percent smaller than traditional laptop models.

The Mini 10 will be available in various colours (white, red, pink, blue and green) although black is set to be the default colour.

Cnet reports that Dell will introduce a 2GB model with 250GB HDD later this year with an integrated TV Tuner, Ubuntu 8.04 and Mobile broadband capabilities; one can also expect AMD to join the foray and Dual Core Atom CPUs to debut.

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Our Comments

Is Dell planning to divide and rule in the Netbook market? It seems that it is the case and apart from the screen and the processor, there will be little left to differentiate between laptops and netbooks in general. From a manufacturer perspective, Netbooks not only costs less to manufacturer (and the Windows license is less expensive as well), it also brings in more revenue as they now cost almost as laptops.

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